Till date, we have 68 MARVEL Champions released by Kabam in the Contest. Today I will tell you the Top 10 Champions among them.

These 10 Champions are not only strong but sometimes you may need them for completing Realm of Legends (ROL) or Some parts in Act – 4 (REBELLION).

If I talk about top players based on each Class then the list is:

  1. Mutant – Wolverine
  2. Skill – Black Widow
  3. Science – Hulk
  4. Tech – Ultron
  5. Cosmic – Venom
  6. Mystic – Thor (Jane Foster) 

But the top ten list is not based on Best Heros from each Class. Here top 10 list is about the Heroes you need them for several occasions in the Contest of Champions to complete ROL and Act – 4. 

I am following a dictionary A-Z order. All these heroes are Beyond Best!!!

  1. Black Bolt (Cosmic) :  Being a Cosmic hero Black Bolt is one of the game changers in Contest of Champions. He is immune from Poisoning. He got superior attacking skills and +15% Block Proficiency when teams up with Cyclops.

    Screenshot 2016-05-17 23.36.49

    Black Bolt is Poison Immune Champion in MARVEL Contest of Champions

  2. Captain America (Science) : Both Captain America and Captain America World War II are great. But if we compare the synergy Captain America is better. He got +5% Perfect Block when team up with Iron Man. Otherwise, Captain is always good in defending himself using his shield. His damage capacity is also huge.

    Screenshot 2016-05-17 23.46.53

    Captain America got top self-defense because of his Shield. MARVEL Contest of Champions

  3. Cyclops (Mutant) : Being a Mutant Champion Cyclops has two different versions in this game and both are good. I prefer Cyclops Classic because of his high Synergy +15% Block Proficiency when team up with Storm and +4% Attack bonus with Magneto Red. Makes him invincible and strong.

    Screenshot 2016-05-17 23.58.54

    Cyclops Classic is one of the top Mutants in MARVEL Contest of Champions

  4. Doctor Strange (Mystic) : Perhaps, Strange is the Best Champion in the game so far. His high Power Index and superior Mystic abilities that you can’t compare with anyone. He gets Synergy bonus when team up with Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, Thor and Black Bolt.

    Screenshot 2016-05-18 00.26.19

    The Best Champion so far Dr. Strange in MARVEL Contest of Champions

  5.  Magneto (Mutant) : We have two Magneto in the game. Apart from their outlook both seemed superior and strong. The experts say Magneto Red is the best Mutant because his Perfect Block Synergy when team up with Cyclops. I think experts are right. 🙂

    Screenshot 2016-05-18 00.38.40

    Magneto in MARVEL Contest of Champions is one of the top Mutant

  6. Moon Knight (Skill) :  I think Kabam developers did the toughest job in developing a game character like Moon Knight in MARVEL Contest of Champions. Can you imagine his abilities and power meter keep changing daily basis based on the positioning of the moon. One of my Officer’s in the game named Mr. Lovers says, “When it’s full moon, Moon Knight is nearly unstoppable.”

    Screenshot 2016-05-18 00.39.22

    Moon Knight is a perfect mix of his power and abilities depending on the positioning of the moon. MARVEL Contest of Champions

  7. Scarlet Witch (Mystic) :  To understand her powers you need at least once Duplicate of your 3* or 4* Scarlet Witch. She is unstoppable against any opponent. She can manipulate the powers of the foes and use their powers to her benefits. She is next to Doctor Strange in power and abilities.

    Screenshot 2016-05-18 00.39.57

    She is in Pink but she is a Witch. Scarlet Witch in MARVEL Contest of Champions

  8. Star-Lord (Tech) : Everyone wants a 4* Star-Lord in MARVEL Contest of Champions! First, I use to think, what’s special? After I watched some Realm of Legends videos on YouTube I get to know he got Perfect Block and High Powerful Damage capacity in his specials. In Tech Class, there is hardly any champion equals to his abilities.

    Screenshot 2016-05-18 00.40.49

    He is not only a Tech Class Lord, he is Star-Lord. MARVEL Contest of Champions

  9. Thor (Cosmic) :  Thor is the strongest hero in Contest of Champions. He has Mjolnir hammer as his weapon, he can stun enemies using special power attacks, and once he gets duplicate his ability awakens Ragnarok which makes him invincible, the Thunderer.

    Screenshot 2016-05-18 00.41.21

    Thor: Ragnarok is the Strongest hero in MARVEL Contest of Champions

  10. Unstoppable Colossus (Mystic) : Many of my Alliance friends don’t like him much. I also avoided Rank up and Level Up him for a long time. But I started getting 3* Unstoppable Colossus again and again. Now he has unleashed his real power. He can stop time and doesn’t bleed. He is useful for most of the boss fights. He is an ultimate Checkmate Champion.
    Screenshot 2016-05-18 00.41.52

    Checkmate Mystic Unstoppable Colossus MARVEL Contest of Champions


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